June 16,17,18,&19,2010. Leaving Ft. Snelling, June 16,to Davenport,Ia.June 17 to St. Louis,Mo.over night stop at Booneville,Mo.June 18,thru Winnebago,Nebr,to South Sioux Nebr, June 19, Santee, Nebr, to Ft.Thompson,So.Dak.


CCLR said...

This year many of the original riders where missing and also very missed. this ride was created to remember the people especially the children and the children missed you. I heard one of the children asked where are all the riders? Two of the young men (about 16) spoke at the circle saying how much this ride meant to them and how they wait for it and that the riders are an inspiration to them. I know that there has been some problems in the past but this ride was never about us only about them, those who are still there and waiting. I know sometimes it is hard to get along with strangers and especially when some are stranger then others (smile) but this is bigger then us it is a ride to remember the families that are still there and we need to keep that in our hearts. So I am making a plea to all you riders who have ridden in the past shake off your hurt feelings and attitudes and false prides and what ever else has stopped you from coming and remember why and who you rode for the first time and come back. Lets start talking about the next ride now, those babies will be standing there waiting next June and we can not let them down. We, maybe all they have. Lets get this party stated, don't be offended I just say it the way I see it. I miss you all. LOL SAM

tommy said...

hope to be there for the kids next year my old loud kaw broke then i got broke ,got it going now i really missed all the people on the ride and the people at crow creek as i have made friends there
tommy from arkansas